What is an Eigenvector?


Hey guys, this is a quick introductory video to what an eigenvector is and how it relates to eigenvalues. It'll be used a lot later on, so it's good to know!

Outside of that, I'm going to *try* to be way more consistent with my video uploads. It's been forever since my last one and there are reasons for that, but they are not worth mentioning here.

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I think that's all for now, so have a great day, night, afternoon, morning... whatever time it happens to be your time and I'll see you next time!

NOTE: In the visualization of eigenvectors, I plotted only vectors that passed through the origin on (0,0,0), this does not need to be the case! So long as the points are in the right direction, you will have the right vector and you will see only stretching!

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