V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Review and Unboxing

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GET THEM HERE == http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/vmoda-m100 == The V-Moda Crossfade M-100's are one of my favorite sets of headphones to date. They do so many things incredibly well. First, the build quality - just amazing. If you treat these things with any amount of care they may outlive you! Comfort - again, just fantastic. Unlike other headphones with leather pads, these actually don't turn your ears into furnaces and the comfort is one of the best I've felt. Sound quality of the M-100's is excellent. A serious set of drivers for incredible bass, a lush, full mid-range, and a relaxed treble that is not too fatiguing, these are a wonderful set of headphones to listen to. They are a bit on the darker side of sounding, but after a bit of time listening, I rather enjoyed that type of sound as it's a bit easier on the ears, especially at louder volumes. *NOTE* - These headphones DID require quite a bit of burn in to get to their best sound. I'd say I probably did somewhere in the ballpark of 80 hours of burn in when these finally started to warm up. Use a full range music like Jazz on low-moderate levels to burn in your headphones to get the best sound without damaging the drivers. Build Quality - Best I've seen to date Genres - the V-Modas are extremely versatile - they'll sound great with any genre you throw at them. Soundstage - the soundstage is nice - you can definitely tell spacing when listening to music such as quartets and the like. Very good for a closed set of headphones. Separation - the M-100's were excellent with resolving each instrument and musician perfectly - you can literally pick each note and instrument out of the crowd - wonderful resolution. Seriously, one of the best all around sets I've tried. I've heard better sounding headphones, such as the Beyerdynamic T-90's and the T1's, however, when you take into consideration price, build quality, comfort and all the other things that make up this set, they're near the top of my must buy sets of headphones. Very exciting stuff. Sign up for my newsletter at: http://www.headphonereviewhq.com Like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/headphonereviewhq Join me on Twitter! @headphonehq Amplifiers mentioned that would pair well with the M-100's: Fiio E11 Amp: http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/e11 Fiio Andes Amp/DAC: http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/fiioandes

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