The AMAZING TRICK To Add Different User Security Rights to ANY Excel Sheet and User Login

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🆕👉Can I Mentor You? Learn how to define, design, develop and deploy your own Excel applications to earn passive income without having to trade time for money in my Mentorship Program today. Get all the details here: Download Your FREE Workbooks From either of the following links: Using Your Email Here: With Facebook Messenger Here: 💯 Get 100 Of My Best Workbooks in One Zip File Here: In this video I show you how you can EASILY create your very own User Login AND apply different security for each sheet on a per-user basis in this Beautiful User Interface design that allows you to Quickly Set Editable, View-able AND hidden rights to ANY sheet for ANY user in ONE CLICK. Applications used in making this video: 🎬 Camtasia Screen Recorder: 📸 Snagit Screen Capture: ❓❓Got Excel Question? Let us help you with that, Join thousands of the world’s best Excel Experts in Facebook's fastest growing @Excel For Freelancers Group right here: 🔔Get Alerted IMMEDIATELY with new Free Training Videos & Workbook by subscribing on YouTube here: I hope you love these videos, for More Free videos, personalized training and amazing tricks for freelancers, please find and follow us here: 🐦Twitter: 🌏Website: 🔗LinkedIn: 👤Facebook: Thank you very much for your continued Shares and Likes, Randy Austin **I love making these videos for you each and every week. A great way of supporting Excel For Freelancers to keep these training free each and every week is by supporting us through one of the amazing products offered that will help you skyrocket your Excel Skills and reach your dreams.

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