Hoist ROC-IT Circuit: Lat Pulldown, Club Fit, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

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http://www.clubfit.com Hoist ROC-IT Circuit: Lat Pulldown: Good for strengthening the latissimus dorsi (back muscles stretching from your shoulders to your lower back that help with posture) and biceps. Here at Club Fit we always have someone available to take you through your workouts. This is great especially for those just getting started! The Hoist Roc-It Circuit is a total body circuit, targeting the largest muscle groups in all three planes of motion. Why do they “Roc”? The weight machines move with you to increase the range of motion, keep your body in proper alignment, and engage your core stability. Our fitness staff is waiting for you! We hope you will enjoy these videos on how-to use the various HOIST ROC-IT machines!

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