Cargo bike with his hands грузовой велосипед своими руками 2

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Cargo bike with his hands Homemade three-wheeled cargo bike made from old bicycle units All work is done by hand and by electric grinder + stuff that was at home, without turning operations. Bike is very practical, inexpensive to repair and easy to use. the cost of all items less than $ 100 Loads - 125 kg (5 bags of cement), quietly pedaled The body is placed on the generator 2.5 kV, 3 + 4 with the wiring tool this summer has become an indispensable helper on the construction site, Capacity - 125 kg + 70 kg operator The drive chain back pedals on one wheel. Brakes front brush. Самодельный трехколесный грузовой велосипед, сделанный из агрегатов старой "Украины". Вся работа сделана вручную электросваркой и болгаркой + барахло, что было дома, без токарных работ. Subscribe to my channel! Подписывайтесь на мой канал!

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