photovoltaic weather independent investigations with pvServe



For more information visit The pvServe DC-supply is the versatile device for solar mechanics, licensed electricians and surveyors, specialised in monitoring and maintenance of photovoltage systems. Reverse current thermography The pvServe power supply offers the possibility to specifically power up the aliened solar modules. This enables to generate thermographic images to track hotspots, without the normal required minimum irradiation of 400 W/m2. The measurements can be taken at any time and even during the night. Thereby possible damages of the thermo-graphic camera due to direct sunlight can be avoided. Electroluminescence The power supply can be used to utilise an additional required infrared camera to generate high quality electroluminescence images. With this technique it is possible to detect the smallest micro cracks in the solar panels. Bypass Diode Test Connecting the power supply in inversed-polarity connection to a covered solar generator, the function of all bypass diodes of the aliened solar modules can be checked.

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