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MY NEW YEAR DREAM BODY CHALLENGE IS NOW LIVE! 👉 💥$1000 Giveaway up for grabs Entry = sign up for the challenge Sign ups close January 13th 🔥Everything you will get as my client: Monthly Custom Training Programs! Monthly Personalised Meal Plans! 24 Hour Email Support! Private Facebook Group! Members Only App! Full Video Tutorials of all Exercises! The new year is here and so is your chance to make a huge transformation. Who will you decide to become in 2020? How will you decide to grow? What values, goals and characteristics will your strive for? Maybe your 2019 didn’t go as planned. If that’s true, what made it so? Did you quit on your resolutions and goals? Did you not have the know how to reach your fitness goals? What can you do differently going forward in 2020 that would make all the difference? In 2020, if your aim is to develop a shredded physique, you will want to make your athletic abilities a priority. Think of it this way: low intense activities over a prolonged period of time typically lead to a more lean, but less muscular physique. A prime example is a marathon runner. High intensity activities done with speed and explosiveness leads to more musculature, as the force applied is a great catalyst for progressive overload. Think of most short distance sprinters - massive amounts of muscle mass on a very lean frame! Overall, to build an athletic looking physique, you’ll want to actually be athletic. We don’t just want to look like we can perform, we want to be able to perform Alongside that comes abs. If you wish to grow you Abs and develop a nice looking mid section, you MUST train them directly. I can not stress this enough: no matter how much you can deadlift, squat or bench press, your abs will simply never pop if you can't perform a strict, controlled leg raise. So, if you're after a nice set of abs, please understand that training them directly is an absolute essential piece to the puzzle. However, when it's all said and done, if you're not incorporating the necessary nutritional protocols, then they will simply never shine through. 👉Coaching Programs: 👉Subscribe: ( 💪Supplement Code: FRASER10 at 👉Shop Gymshark: ADD ME ON: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: FraserWilsonFit

Published by: Fraser Wilson
Published at: ۵ months ago