How to Make a LARGE SCROLLING TEXT Display at Home

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Find electronic components on Utsource is a proffesional elelctronice supplier with more than 2 million product, lower price with free shipping. hey everyone,hope you are doing fine. here in this video I am going to make a large LED scrolling text display board. LED scrolling text display board is a really useful project for your home and shop. Every one can make this project easily by following the steps in the video. also you can play by uploading different examples. This project will deliberate on displaying a scrolling text message on a home-made 48×8 LED matrix ,you can also use 6 numbers of 8x8 LED dot matrix . The microcontroller used is Arduino nano .The 48 columns of the LED matrix are driven individually by six shift registers (74HC595), whereas the eight combined rows are also driven by a Shift register(74hc595). Here we will be scanning across the rows and feed the column lines with appropriate logic levels. The program in the microcontroller is to determine the speed of the scrolling message as well as Message what we are going to display. The technique will be demonstrated for right to left scroll, but can be easily implemented for scrolling in other directions. Things needed to make this large LED scrolling text display board:- 1) 2x hard cardboard sheet 2) 1x perf board(zero pcb)( 3)384x 5mm LED(red)( 4) 1x Arduino NANO( 5) 7x 74hc595( 6) 7x 16 pin IC holder( 7) 48x 100E resistor( 8) 8x 1k resistor( 9) 8x 2n2222 transistor( 10) 2x 7805 voltage regulator( 11) 4x 10uf capacitor( 12) 1x dc switch( 13) 1x dc power jack( 14) 2x 40 pin male-female berg connectors( 15) 1x heat sink for 7805 circuit diagrams:- ROW Driver COLUMN Driver 7805 circuit Arduino code- Subscribe to my channel my best video:- faceebook - MAKE YOUR OWN 7 SEGMENT DISPLAY how to make WIRELESS SCROLLING DISPLAY BOARD How to make an ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVER How to Control a LOT of LEDs with Arduino & 74hc595

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