The 6 Most Used Paracord Crafting Knots

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These are the most important knots when starting paracord CRAFTING. Other paracord knot tutorials just teach you a bunch of random knots that may or may not be useful for camping and wilderness survival. 0:50 Cow Hitch 1:25 Square Knot 2:24 Ashley Stopper Knot 3:10 Snake Knot 4:24 Diamond Knot 6:23 Double Fisherman's Knot This list of knots is used when making things like paracord bracelets, keychains, and knife lanyards. Check out our Website: Shop us on Amazon:,B077NTG7CQ,B00H8B4OJ2&lp_mat_key=paracord%20planet&lp_query=paracord%20planet&sb-ci-n=shopNow #paracordplanet #paracordtutorials Thanks for watching! Take 15% off your first order on with promo code YOUTUBE.

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