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Never could have guessed how amazing Africa would be. These kids are incredible. Q&A below: Q: What group did you go with? A: An awesome organization called Visiting Orphans! Q: Why are you guys so sad at the beginning? A: We did the shot on the Dump in Korah to raise awareness to the heartbreaking fact that hundreds of kids LIVE there right now. It was hard to take in, so that's why we look so upset. Q: Where did you go? For how long? When? A: Ethiopia and Uganda. 2 Weeks. Summer of 2011. Q: Why'd you go? A: Us Dude Perfect guys believe in Jesus. He's the most important part of our lives, and we felt like this trip was something He wanted us to do. Almost every kid you see in this video is an orphan. So by hanging out with them, we got a chance to show love to kids that simply don't get a lot of love, especially from male role models. We wanted to love these kids the way Jesus does. And it was a blast. We can't wait to go back. Q: How good were these kids at soccer? A: Super good. It wasn't a fair fight. Q: Only 2 shots? A:Obviously the purpose of our trip wasn't to make basketball shots, but we wanted to make sure we did at least a couple. By doing something we love, we hope to help these super legit kids! Special thanks to Nerf & Spalding for donating the sports equipment that brought countless smiles to these awesome kids on the other side of the world!!! Music: "Begging You Alive" by Courrier Show 'em some love! Other incredible groups we worked with: Sixty Feet - Dig Deep - Hang out with us! FACEBOOK TWITTER NEW BOOK iPHONE GAME Thanks for all the incredible support guys!! We have a blast making these videos and we can't wait to show you what's next!

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