Stanford Seminar - Designing bioinspired aerial robots with feathered morphing wings

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Laura Matloff Stanford March 6, 2020 Birds are a source of design inspiration for aerial robots, as they can still outmaneuver current man-made fliers of similar size and weight. I study their ability to seamlessly morph their wings through large shape changes during gliding flight, and use biological measurements to drive mechanical design. I measure the wing feather and bone kinematics, investigate adjacent feather interactions, and examine feather microstructures to inform the design of PigeonBot, a biohybrid feathered robot. The feathered morphing wing design principles can also be adapted to other bird species, and even artificial feathers. This work was done in collaboration with Eric Chang, Amanda Stowers, Teresa Feo, Lindsie Jeffries, Sage Manier, and David Lentink. View the full playlist:

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