BBC 1 Debate: Did Man Create God? (The Big Questions 29th May 2016)

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BBC 1 Debate: Did Man Create God? The Big Questions 29th May 2016 Guests: Francesca Stavrakopoulou, professor of ancient religion at Exeter; Elaine Storkey; theologian Tim Whitmarsh, professor of Greek culture at Cambridge; Rev Teresa Morgan, professor of Graeco-Roman history at Oxford; Arif Ahmed, philosophy lecturer from Cambridge; Cole Morton, author of Is God Still an Englishman?; \ Prof Bruce Hood, experimental psychologist from Bristol; Rupert Shortt, author of God is No Thing; Selina O'Grady, author of And Man Created God; Satish K Sharma from the National Council of Hindu Temples; Rabbi Charley Baginsky from South Bucks Jewish Community; Abdullah al Andalusi from the Muslim Debate Initiative.

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