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Hey everyone in this video I'm looking for a new cell phone is an iphone 6s i had the iphone 5 before but it broke. This new phone comes with new features and some improvements specially in the camera so far I'm loving it. This is NOT a sponsor video!!! ▶︎ MY VIDEOS: ▶︎ PUTTING UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE: ▶︎ SANTA CRUZ CA TRIP: ▶︎ DIY PAINTING A BENCH : ▶︎ HILLS SANTA MONICA: ▶︎ BIRTHDAY HAUL: ▶︎ DISNEYLAND VLOG: ▶︎ VIDCON 2015: ▶︎ BACK TO SCHOOL HAUL!!: ▶︎ VLOG: TJ MAXX SHOPPING FOR VIDCON: ▶︎ SAN FRANCISCO VLOG: ▶︎ JUNE FAVORITES: ▶︎ HUGE HAUL SHOES, CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES AND MORE: ▶︎ MORE VIDEO HAULS: ▶︎ BOOZLED CHALLENGE: ▶︎ This is my second channel Please SUBSCRIBE HERE: ▶︎ TO B2CUTECUPCAKES TOY CHANNEL HERE:

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