NOVUS One // The first premium lightweight electric motorcycle!

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NOW 2020 FINALLY LOOKS LIKE 2020! When we were young, we all dreamed of the future. At NOVUS we are building something that finally looks like the future. NOVUS is more than a motorcycle. It is a piece of art on wheels, perfect craftsmanship and the conviction that a bike can look totally different, if you are willing to question everything. Its revolutionary new design is inspired by both, motorcycles and bicycles. All main components, even the rims, are made exclusively from carbon fiber. With a total weight of only 75kg and up to 24hp, it has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. NOVUS One is now available for pre-orders at You can easily pre-order your personal NOVUS One. The sooner you reserve yours the sooner you will get it. We will start to deliver in early 2022. Web: Instagram: @novusbike // All Rights belong to NOVUS GmbH // CREDITS Director & DoP: Fabian Kortmann ( 1.AC: Sebastian Sellner ( 2.AC: Steffen Anders ( OB: Jakob Reinhardt ( OB2:Florian Koch ( Gimbal Operator: Bernhard Russow ( CamCar Driver: Mehran Tirooni ( Edit: Jonas Hartz ( Music composition & Sounddesign: Olé Brandt ( Grading: Felix Kahlo ( Model: René Renger (

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