15 English words that even native speakers don’t pronounce correctly

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been speaking English your entire life; you’re bound to make some mistakes. Sure, you learned the proper way to say “library” when you were a kid, but do you pronounce “prescription” like “per-scrip-tion” or “pri-scrip-tion”? And what’s the proper way to say “hierarchy”? Improve your pronunciation or just satisfy your curiosity with this fun English lesson that proves you can always learn something new. And probably still keep making the same mistakes anyway because everyone else is making them too. Words in this lesson include: arctic, cavalry, especially, foliage, hierarchy, interpret, miniature, sherbet, February, and more. Test your pronunciation knowledge with the quiz: https://www.engvid.com/15-english-words-native-speakers-mispronounce Watch next: Fix these basic English pronunciation mistakes https://youtu.be/JGDoLc6ndWo Improve your accent with TONGUE TWISTERS https://youtu.be/xa8nkPkWoWA

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