Webinar: Hands-on traffic engineering in an SDN network

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This webinar will give you hands-on experience of an SDN Network based on Open vSwitches (OVS), managed both manually as well as by an OpenDaylight (ODL) controller. Using the right quality assessment methodologies and tools is necessary in order to understand how the network performs, as well as to deliver expected service quality. The webinar will show live data plane tests to gain insight into how traffic flows are handled by the SDN network. Presenters are Mats Nordlunds, CEO and founder of Netrounds, and Dave Mahler, OpenFlow and networking expert. Some details of what's covered: * Introduction to Open vSwitch and open source controller such as OpenDaylight * Testing a complex topology with loops, managed by a topology-aware controller * Testing failover between links * Verifying marking and changes to DSCP/ToS per policy * Validation of IPv4 and IPv6 * Open vSwitch policing, and much more

Published by: Netrounds
Published at: ۶ years ago
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