How to Download and Install Wurst Client for Minecraft 1.17!

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Today I'm going to show you how to get Wurst client for Minecraft 1.17. Wurst is a client that runs through the fabric launcher and fabric API and allows you to use many mods on many servers. This video is solely for educational purposes, I do not condone the use of modded clients wherever they aren't allowed. As of Minecraft's EULA mods and modded versions of the game are condoned and allowed. Wurst: Fabric Launcher: Fabric API: Wurst client,Wurst client 1.17,Wurst client tutorial,Wurst client download,Wurst client install,Wurst client 1.17 download,Wurst client 1.17 install,how to install Wurst client,how to install Wurst client 1.17,how to get Wurst client,how to get Wurst client 1.17,how to download Wurst client,how to download Wurst client 1.17,how to install minecraft Wurst client,how to install minecraft Wurst client 1.17,how to download minecraft client,

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