RAZBAM : DCS AV-8B Night Attack in cockpit around the boat flight, Oculus Rift VR

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PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY Video can cause motion sickness since it was recorded in Oculus Rift VR. THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CLEARED TO PUBLIC RELEASE AFTER MANY REQUESTS OF MORE DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION BY THE DCS COMUNITY, so as such, it should NOT be considered in any way, form or regard as the final product, is here for you to see because you asked for it. It's about an around the boat flight, take off and vertical landing (barely in this case) Keep in mind, that we are aware of most noticeable bugs in this video, and they are in most cases solved, right now our priority stands in systems and flight behavior, followed by art (either 3d or textures) . As usual, everything is a work in progress, that includes my flying. Sounds are still DCS default jet engine sounds, accurate sounder is being developed.

Published by: RAZBAM Simulations Official Channel
Published at: ۲ years ago
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