10 Things You Should Know About The Reptilians

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DO you believe that Reptilians actually exist on our plant? Ancient cultures have always worshiped reptiles and are they Illuminati?! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. Reptilians in Ancient Art So many cultures from across the world talk about mythical dragons that come from the sky. It seems as if each and every culture has at least one mention of a reptile as a god or divine beings as far back as the mesopotamians. Could this all just be a coincidence? In ancient Iraq, this figure was found and dates back to the Ubaid period, at least 5 thousand years ago, holding on to a baby lizard. The Hindus talk about a god named Naga who is a snake that can change into the form of a human. It’s also responsible for bringing natural destructions and chaos among the people. The snake is also represented as a conniving creature in the story of Adam and Eve. Another ancient Egyptian god represented as a reptile was that of Apep, the bringer of darkness and chaos. How is it that the reptile creatures are in so many cultures as something evil? David Icke claims that this is from widespread reptilian rule across the planet. 4. Reptilians and Greys Connection Others theorize that humans aren’t the only intergalactic species the reptilians have made contact with. The reptilians might have also made contact with a species of alien known as the greys. These are the little grey men we’ve seen in films, read about in literature and maybe you’ve been abducted by one. Jason Bishop III claims that the Greys are actually controlled by the reptoids and draco It’s possible that the greys couldn’t fight off the reptilians in time and are sequentially controlled by them as a result. Others believe that the greys have formed an alliance with the their neighbors in the Draco constellation and plot together in exploiting humans, keeping us from becoming an intergalactic power. Grey aliens who share genetics with the reptilians often retain their similar form but inherit the green scaly skin and the slit pupil iris, like you see in this photo. 3. Illuminati and Reptilians Members of the Illuminati, who are rich and powerful often contain the knowledge that the public will never see. They also possess the genetics and bloodline from the original reptilian hybrids that became the royal families since the dawn of civilization, according to David Icke. During the Illuminati meetings, the members plot world domination, find ways to finance both sides of wars and manipulate current events for their benefit. Members of the illuminati include government officials, banking leaders, actors, writers and anyone who can possibly manipulate and control the population. Other conspiracy theorists claim that this group on earth is controlled by a Draconian leader. 2. The Bloodline While tracing the reptilians may prove to be difficult, many claim that you can actually tell if someone is a reptilian from tracing back their bloodlines. It’s believed that the first crossbreeding between us and reptilians took place as far back as 4800 BC in the earliest of civilizations. The theorists claim that that a little help from out of this world, they were able to create some amazing feats of architecture and how we were able to advance so rapidly in a short period of time. Other mysterious things that David Icke claims helps to prove it’s existence is the presence of Rh and Rh negative blood which is incredibly rare and can result in a baby becoming blue. The blood is also extremely sought after by researchers. 1. How They Prosper The theory why they do this to us under much debate and a few theories have emerged. David Icke claims that the Reptilians originally came to earth in order to search for an extremely valuable precious element known as monoatomic gold which could stabilize the atmosphere on their planet. Being the ruler of our planet would, of course, bring them in a large amount gold. Others claim that it’s simply because they enjoy the power and being in control. While another theory claims that they live off the evil and negative energy humans experience while at conflict, during moments of jealousy, and crave violence by any means necessary, almost like a source of food. This appears to be the most commonly accepted theory and the more suffering they cause, the more they are able to prosper on our planet.

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