Coronavirus & Impromptu Kobe & Gianna Bryant Spirit Box Session

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Impromptu Kobe & Gianna Bryant spirit Box Session - I've been getting a lot of requests from many of you to do a Coronavirus Spirit Box session and I split it up into two separate sessions. In the first session I used my Infinity Portal and Hack Shack Spirit Box and on my second session I used my P-SB7 Spirit Box with my Infinity Portal and got some amazing spirit responses. I had zero plans of doing a Kobe & Gianna Bryant session, but while conducting the coronavirus session, I feel like spirit guided me intuitively for me to ask about them and feel that I was able to make contact with them. P.S. I missed it earlier but at the end of video at 15:35 an ORB shot out out of my head which I thought was pretty cool. Please SUBSCRIBE to this channel and you can also follow me on the social media sites below. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: #coronavirusspiritbox #kobebryantspiritbox #giannabryantspiritbox

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Published at: 8 months ago
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