Southern Hemisphere Cooling the Trend is Now Apparent | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (390)

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With the Southern Hemisphere winter getting underway we need to look back at trends to see the future of the coming year. David Archibald has today given the most up to date information on our Sun entering a grand solar minimum and the State of the Sun, now with the past 5 winters under our belts we can look for trends. I present to you the trend of a cooling Southern Hemisphere. Adelaide – Coldest start to winter on record Early snow in Australia Snow arrives two months early by Thomas Hunter New Zealand Unusual Cold Summer Adelaide Coldese trends since 2014 Brazil Showing cold trend Y-O-Y\ Argentina record cold trend South Africa cold trend Solar Update June 2017–the sun is slumping and headed even lower Don't get caught un-prepared stock up on survival food today! Make Money Now Off Weather Predictions Here - Rid Your Body of Unwanted Toxins Now! Support ADAPT 2030 on PATREON ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age FB Page Content Provided by David DuByne You can also find this Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast on iTunes / Stitcher Radio / Soundcloud

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