The Tripod Velomobile features, with EcoSpeed Mid-Drive Electric Assist.

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To see this Tripod Velomobile on a virtual test ride check out Learn more about the motor system at Columbia Cycleworks makes the Tripod in Portland, Oregon _____ Phil, owner of Columbia Cycleworks and partnering manufacturer with EcoSpeed, maker's of high-performance electric assists, shows the features of his Tripod Velomobile. He describes the suspension, brakes, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights. The tripod includes a charge port, autoglass front panel, windshield wiper, lockable cockpit, with hydraulic gas struts and hinges. The top is also removable for summer riding. The EcoSpeed system includes a 1000 watt mid-drive motor assist system which drives the chain and leverages all the gears for great hill climbing power. The system comes standard with a freewheeling crankset so the motor spins the chain rings without turning crank arms. Optionally this system includes a Cycle Analyst ebike computer to monitor speed, distance, volts, watts, battery cycles, etc. The tripod is built with a battery storage compartment which holds the rechargeable lithium battery system and charger. With about 1000 full battery cycles and 30-40 miles per cycle you've got lots of assist for years to come.

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