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DAMMAH There are 29 letters in the Arabic alphabet, all consonants. The Arabic vowels (Harakaat) Fathah, Kasrah, and Dammah are not part of Arabic alphabet, but they are naturally pronounced when letters are joined to make words and words are joined to make sentences. Dammah (Pesh) is a tiny letter waw above a letter It produces the sound 'ū' like 'oo' in Book In this lesson the letters have dammah above them. The letters at the bottom of the page are joined to make words and appear slightly different. The number of dots on a letter and its overall shape can help you easily determine what letter is present. Fatha, dammah and kasrah are included at the bottom of the page. (More lessons uploaded soon InshaAllah) (more)

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Published at: ۱۳ years ago