Bose QuietComfort 15 Review

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Get Them Here ===== ===== Facebook: Twitter: @headphonehq The Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones are active noise canceling headphones. Pros: - Incredibly comfortable - Lightweight - Great noise cancellation - Mostly tight bass - Fairly detailed treble - Overall nice sound quality when EQ'd properly Cons: - Build quality - feels cheaply made with fragile cables - Proprietary cabling means potentially expensive replacements - Midrange extremely recessed out of the box (can be fixed with EQ'ing) - Volume levels alter sound presentation too much - Some noise leakage so could bother those around you Other Notes: - Requires 1 AAA battery - I don't list this as a con seeing as how people buying these are obviously buying them for the noise cancellation - Don't really need amplification but I found that using my Fiio E17 in conjunction with the QC15 allowed me to EQ them properly These will work well with most genres. They don't have the heaviest hitting bass and they have a tendency to bottom out on extremely low or hard hitting bass notes but if you listen within reasonable volumes, they can actually sound pretty good with most anything. Vocals require tweaking the headphones to get a more pleasant sound - one that's not so high and harsh on the ears. Also, again, I wouldn't consider these audiophile grade headphones even when EQ'd properly as they lack the detail and resolution of other true audiophile grade headphones, but they can sound very nice if you pay attention to the balance of the frequencies. Overall, I liked the Bose QC15's. They fit a niche very nicely especially for those who travel a lot and would like to gain some of their privacy or alone-time back. They're not for everyone and if you're not looking for something to block out the drone of the world around you, I would recommend looking at other offerings that aren't so fussy at various volumes and that also provide a more fulfilling musical experience - especially considering the price range - for $300 these are great at what they do, however, in that ballpark (and less) there are a number of great headphones out there that sound better, but very few if any that have the noise canceling feature.

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