The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd - Piano Cover

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This is my piano cover of "The Great Gig in the Sky", track #5 from Pink Floyd's 1973 album "Dark Side of the Moon". Usually in my covers I distill all the parts into a solo piano arrangement. For this one, I decided to just play the iconic piano part by itself. Special thanks to Matt Griffo for engineering, recording, and producing the audio and video. I also have a separate cover of the same song on YouTube, in which I use five keyboards to stand in for bass guitar, Hammond organ, piano, slide guitar, and vocals. This is part of a project in which I'm covering the entire album. I'm now halfway through! The sheet music I write is approximate and full of notations only I would understand, so I do not share it. However, I use a camera angle designed to maximize your chances of being able to see what I'm playing.

Published by: Ranjit Souri
Published at: 6 years ago
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