Fireworks | Illustrator CC Tutorial #364/365

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It’s nearly New Year and we can’t finish the 365 Days of Creativity series without a fireworks tutorial! Discover a cool technique and workflow for making vector fireworks in the night sky. Why not celebrate New Year by trying out this technique and creating your own. It also help you get comfortable with the Width Tool and Recolor Artwork feature. We are coming close to the final video of the series, hopefully you have enjoyed it. Check out some other tutorials we have released: Vectorize Hand Lettering | Adobe Draw Tutorial #69/365: Discover how you can use Adobe Draw to digitize your hand lettering in a pain-free, fun way. Mirroring | Photoshop CC Tutorial #125/365: Have you heard of this illustrative technique? If not we highly recommend this day! 3D reflection | Photoshop CC Tutorial #159/365: Discover how to create a reflection on a 3D layer in Photoshop. Retro Text | Illustrator CC Tutorial #186/365 Fancy a throwback? Create some retro style type. Type Logo | Illustrator CC Tutorial #250/365 Check out how to create a fun type logo and have a go at creating one yourself! 365 DAYS OF CREATIVITY SERIES: LEARN FROM US SUPPORT US BUY OUR DESIGN BUNDLES READ OUR BLOG FOLLOW US

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