Natural nail manicure? Russian nail school

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Hello! Im glad to see you on our channel My name is Anna This video about machine manicure used only one bit If you learn manicure like this - you’ll be doing it for 20 -25 minutes. Please - enjoy the watching! สวัสดี! ดีใจที่ได้พบคุณในช่องของเรา ฉันชื่อแอนนา วิดีโอนี้เกี่ยวกับการทำเล็บมือใช้เพียงหนึ่งบิต ถ้าคุณเรียนทำเล็บมือแบบนี้ - คุณจะทำมันเป็นเวลา 20-25 นาที กรุณา - สนุกกับการดู! Lets start by removing the old cover Old manicure made about 4 weeks ago Now its long and we have to change it Be careful, not be in a hurry, layer by layer remove old cover Its not problem if you spend a lot of time on it You could do it in both directions When we finish with uncovering, we start shortening nails We use nail file for natural nails I recommend you ask the customer about comfort and choice suitable nail file Ok! Now our nails have the same form and we can smooth it out Process the ends and top of the nails Lets starting the manicure. I’m use bit named «the flame» The first we handle the side nail rollers Clean out pterigy and use bit under cuticle You can operated it deep - in this way we have good and clean manicure After this we clean top of cuticle You should pull of the skin and check how clean it You have do it 10 times in each side We need it for real quality manicure Use the silicone bit for polish nails Our nails is ready and I putting the base cover I made very thin first layer, leave 1 millimeter to cuticle The second later I leveling the nail plate I turn over the nail and gel is self leveling Check it and dry in the lamp I recommended do it nail after nail And now we use the color cover Like a base cover we working nail after nail This layer I cover as close as possible to cuticle Its so important don’t forget about ends Dry it longer than 20 seconds in lamp After that I cover second layer I make it more dense than first Check it and dry We finished color layer and cover finish layer Dry it and our manicure is ready! Today I show you how you can shorting manicure time Thanks you for watching You can ask me in comments and subscribe on this channel

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