Fiio E11K Review - Kilimanjaro 2

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Get it here === === Original Fiio E11: Original Fiio E11 Review: This is a full, in-depth review of the new version of the Fiio E11, the first headphone amplifier I bought when getting into the world of hi fidelity audio. The Fiio E11K is mostly more of the same of the original Fiio E11, but there are a few noticeable differences. Design/Build quality - the Fiio E11K may very well be the nicest built headphone amplifier anywhere near its price range. The all metal, brushed finish is absolutely gorgeous. The new switches are easier to flip, the rotary volume dial is smooth as butter and the new connectors feel very solid and are gold-plated to boot. Personally, this is one of my favorite looking headphone amplifiers I've had the pleasure of testing, especially in its price range. Sound Quality - the E11K is mostly neutral, but has some minor signatures worth noting: 1. It has a slightly darker tone than absolutely neutral - and by slightly I mean just a touch (with the bass boost off) 2. It has a slight recess in the upper midrange most noticeable in female vocals which is primarily apparent when immediately A/B'ing against the original source or the original Fiio E11 Both things are worth mentioning but for me would not be a deal breaker as it's still a phenomenal sounding device. Bass Boost - the bass boost does a great job at what it's intended purpose is. It's a bit more boosted than EQ 1 on the original Fiio E11 but well shy of EQ2 (which has a tendency to distort on most headphones). It's balanced well and gives enough kick to really step the bass game up a notch. Overall I can honestly say this is an excellent amplifier. The combination of features, the build quality and the overall sound quality really does add up to a great package, especially considering it can be had for roughly $60. Considering most amplifiers start somewhere north of $100, this really is a deal. Hope you enjoyed the review. Please do... SUBSCRIBE!!! Share the video using the share links above! THUMBS UP!!! PLEASE!!! If you found the review helpful.... Web: Facebook: Twitter: @headphonehq

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