Learn about North American culture: Hygiene

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Here is an essential lesson for all you dirty, smelly people out there. It’s called “basic hygiene”. Use it! Master the simple steps of basic hygiene, and it will help you make more friends, guaranteed! In this video, I will teach you all about the basics of hygiene in North America. There are simple rules you need to follow, like brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant, bathing, and cleaning your clothes. I will teach you what the “sniff test” is. I will also explain just how much perfume or cologne is sufficient. All of us can benefit from knowing these basic life skills, so be sure to watch the lesson, and do the quiz afterwards. You might say that this is all the same where you come from... okay, cool! But remember that you are not everyone. Smell you later, alligator! Take the quiz: https://www.engvid.com/north-american-culture-hygiene/ Watch next: BATHROOM vocabulary! https://youtu.be/ChwuD-_jOSM

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