Sound of Iran, Nazanin-e Maryam (My Dear Maryam)

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Sound of Iran, USC 2007 Nazanin-e Maryam (My Dear Maryam): Nazanin-e Maryam is perhaps one of the most emotional and beautiful love songs in Persian. A folklore Iranian song telling the story of a lover who recites all the beautiful memories of being together with his beloved "Maryam" at the time when his beloved is far and the guy asks for all these separations to be over and he can see Maryam once again even if it was only in his dreams. Hossein Ataei (Vocal) Leila Vaziri-Farhani (Piano) Copyright: Any future use of the song partially or as a whole either audio or video should be done with prior contest of the artists both Vocal and Piano and / or this owner of the video who placed the clip on YouTube initially

Published by: Mehrdad Jahangiri
Published at: ۱۳ years ago
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