7 | Pipeline Quality Metrics Salesforce Dashboard Table

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This salesforce dashboard table tracks three pipeline quality metrics: - number of times the close date has moved from one month to the next - number of days since the last stage change - number of days the opportunity has been open. These pipeline quality metrics provide high quality insight into deals that may slip from the sales forecast for this month. This clip is taken from the 12 Must-Have salesforce Dashboard Charts webinar hosted by Gary Smith. You can review the full blog post of the 12 Charts at the link below. http://garysmithpartnership.com/salesforce-dashboards/ The post includes: - examples of how to use each salesforce dashboard chart - video clips for each dashboard chart - the full webinar recording - download for the free eBook, and - links to the AppExchange from where you can install the free dashboard package. The dashboard package includes the pipeline quality metrics table demonstrated in this video.

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