Star Trail Effect in Photoshop CS5: Gavin Hoey

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You've probably seen those beautiful long exposure images of the nights sky and wanted to do the same. Photoshop CS5 now comes with a new Action set called "Star Trails" which can give you the effect of a long exposure night image in just a few seconds. Gavin Hoey was a contestant in the Next Photoshop Evangelist contest. The Next Photoshop Evangelist contest asked contestants to submit a two-minute Photoshop video tutorial demonstrating why they should be the Next Photoshop Evangelist at by August 24th, 2010. The video must use Photoshop CS5, a new Photoshop CS5 feature, and, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Photoshop, incorporate the concept of "20" somewhere in the final image. The Winner received a copy of Creative Suite 5 Design Standard, a trip to Photoshop World (Spring 2011), the chance to demo their tutorial at the conference, roundtrip coach airfare, lodging and meals. All Finalists are showcased on the Photoshop YouTube channel.

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Published at: ۹ years ago
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