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Steve Spazuk is an amazing artist from Quebec who brings paintings created using fire and smoke to life. He paints with the soot from a candle or torch, which is applied to the surface of thick cardboard. His first experiments with paper were not entirely successful, since the “canvas” quickly ignited. Then he decided to experiment with thick cardboard. Soot forms streams of light and shadow, which produce certain associations for the artist. Then with the help of a pencil, pen and brush Steve removes the excess areas. Steve makes his brushes out of unusual materials, such as the curls of Barbie dolls or his wife's hair. Sometimes a work is created in parts, which, when gathered together, acquire a new meaning and form. The final stage of work on a painting involves using a sprayer. Check out this amazing compilation - it will definitely impress you! Via: Music by Epidemic Sound: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Now I've Seen Everything : Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles:

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Published at: 2 years ago