The Rest of the Story! | Wingin' It!, Ep 2 | RV Texas Y'all

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If you saw our video last Sunday ( ), you know we sold our house last Friday and we are now officially nomads! BUT... the closing didn't go exactly as planned. So in this episode of Wingin' It, we tell you the rest of the story... what went wrong and things we learned that might help you be better prepared when you sell your house. __ 👉 Become a Posse Pioneer! Want to see more content? Are you interested in a peek behind the scenes? Join Our Posse! 👉 Share Your RV Texas Y'all Spirit! Official RV Texas Y'all T-Shirts: ___ We (Tom & Stacie) are Native Texans who are all about exploring the Lone Star State in our home on wheels. We're always looking for fun and interesting places to visit. We'd love to hear your suggestions on fun and interesting places to visit. Please leave a comment below! 👉 Join Our Journey! Did You Like This Video? Please Subscribe! __ 👉 Support This Channel When You Shop! RV Texas Y’all participates in the Amazon affiliate program. We earn a small commission when you shop using our Amazon links: Thank you! Equipment We Use To Make Our Videos: Video Camera: Wireless Microphones: DLSR Camera: Lens: Microphone: Microphone Wind Cover: Tripod: Headphones: Video Editing Software: __ 👉 Find Us Across the Internet! Subscribe to our Newsletter: Like Us on Facebook: Connect With Us on Twitter: Follow Us on Instagram: Pin With Us on Pinterest: Visit our website: Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please give us a "Like"! Subscribe to our channel for more videos about RVing and the great state of Texas!. Safe Travels and Happy Camping! Music Credits:

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