Minecraft - Interview with 3D Printer Model Maker Alexander Boden

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An exclusive interview with Alexander Boden, the infamous 3D printer model maker who created a village in Minecraft and then recreating it as a small scale model (each block is only 1mm). He did this by working with his research colleague Sebastian Draxler, utilizing a variety of software tools and a (not inexpensive) Zprinter 650 - 3D printer, owned by the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) dept of Siegen University in Germany. For those more interested in the work of this research group, more can be found about them and work in the field of HCI here: http://www.uni-siegen.de/fb5/wirtschaftsinformatik/index.html.en?lang=en They are currently looking for more students to be part of their HCI masters program. Also more information can be found about other 3D printers from ZCorp and the other applications they are being used for at http://www.zcorp.com The music at the start of this story is the in-game Minecraft music track "Moog City" composed by C418, an interview with whom can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJpvKfYkebI Also more information about all things Minecraft related can be found at this great resource: http://www.MinecraftForum.net This interview was conducted by Curse video dept staff member Olly.

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