THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS | Animated Fallout: New Vegas Rap!

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I know what you're thinking. What? A Fallout: New Vegas rap? Not another trending indie horror game? Well when Ninethie Music issued his Fallout Faction Rap Challenge I knew I had to throw my hat in the ring! I've always been fascinated by Tycoon type characters in games and literature, so of course, I'm backing the ineffable Mr. House! Huge thanks to Ninethie for the challenge! ----- SONG AVAILABLE NOW ON SPOTIFY, iTUNES, GOOGLE PLAY AND MANY MORE! Check out the full Stupendium originals playlist for all of my original songs! STUPENDIUM ORIGINALS: THE STUPENDIUM ON SPOTIFY: THE STUPENDIUM ON GOOGLE PLAY: THE STUPENDIUM ON iTUNES: NINETHIE MUSIC'S CHANNEL: Lyrics, Vocals And Animation by The Stupendium Instrumental composed by the ever talented Eskelater! ----- Grab your official Stupendium Merchandise! Shirts and mugs and hats, oh my! Join the official Stupendium discord server! Drop me a tweet? @TheStupendium The Stupendium is a London based musician, animator and content creator, creating weird, wonderful and usually incredibly nerdy songs and animations. Join him on his journey to obscure, niche internet stardom! He has some pretty decent videos, wonderful facial hair and a great sense of discomfort describing himself in the third person.

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