bean color sorting process line



e are globally renowned exporter and manufacturer of Beans Color Sorter Machine range that includes Hefei Color Sorting Machine,CCD Pluses Color Sorter,Kidney Beans Sorting Machine,etc. Pulses Color Sorter machine is ideal for Pulses processors who sort different varieties of dry beans:black beans,borlotti beans,flageolet beans,kidney beans,mung beans,soybeans, lentil,chickpea ,dry bean,dry pea and so on.The sorting range is suitable for processors who demand the highest in pulses quality,offering precision sorting to maximise yields and increase profits. The Color Sorter is equipped with the latest in technological advances and intelligent features.It effectively detects such as discolored beans,broken,split beans,stones and sticks and remove them,leaving processors with a clean,safe and quality of beans.

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Published at: 1 year ago
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