Bollinger Percent B Indicator (Bollinger %B) Trading Strategy

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Bollinger Percent B indicator is almost similar to the Bollinger Bands indicator. The prime difference between the two is Bollinger %B Indicator gives a precise number by which one can identify the relationship between the price and the bands. Simply, the technical tool quantifies the price of a security with respect to the upper and lower limits of BB. When the indicator is at 0, price is at the lower Bollinger Bands and when the price is at 100, price is at the upper bands. Similarly reading above 100 or below 0 denotes extreme price action as the price is trading out of the bands. There are some of the best strategies of the Bollinger percent B indicator. Like, if the indicators goes up from below the zero line and crosses 50 on the upside indicating price reversal, a buy position is created. Oppositely, one can close buy and enter short sell position if the stock price comes down with the indicator coming down from a position near 100 lines. To know more profitable basic and advanced strategies on Bollinger %b, watch the video and apply every instructions of it. You may post your questions in the comment section below. For more such videos do not forget to subscribe to my channel. Traders trading under me can also be a part of my trading team by opening a trading and demat account under me. Whatsapp your name, mobile number and email to +91-9674321856. ---- Know more about Bollinger Percent B indicator in my blog post here: ---- Get Zerodha Kite and access the Bollinger %B: ---- Join my trading team and get my special guidance: ---- And Follow Us At: ---- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+:

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