Breathing Pattern Disorders such as Hyperventilation

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While breathing is an involuntary function, we can exert considerable influence to our breathing. By influencing our breathing, we can affect a number of involuntary functions in the body including blood pH, heart rate and blood pressure etc. Athletes watch their diet, water intake but not breathing volume. The importance of a substance is determined by how soon the organism perishes when it is switched off. In terms of importance, breathing plays a far greater role in our health. Let me know what you think by commenting and rating this video. Don't forget to subscribe. Read "The Oxygen Advantage: The simple, scientifically proven breathing technique that will revolutionise your health and fitness" by Patrick McKeown. Release date 3rd September 2015 Check out the following other videos and click on for more instructional videos from Internationally acclaimed Buteyko practitioner and author Patrick McKeown: Simulate High Altitude from your living room. No equipment needed. Just hold your breath. Learn how. Learn the Secret to Maximise Body Oxygenation Mouth breathing negatively affects sports performance by Patrick McKeown OxyAthlete program- Long term benefits from improved oxygen carrying capacity Dr. Mercola Interviews Patrick McKeown Thanks for watching! Web: Main Channel: Facebook: Twitter:

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