Pythoon - A Recumbent for Child Transport

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The movie shows my nearly finished pythoon. It is a variation on the python bicycle theme. The bike has a rear basket large enough to hold my son. I use the bike on a daily basis, transporting my son. In Mai 2011 I had 5000km on this bike and I think I can say it is a very secure way of transporting my son. He is close to the ground (as opposed to a child seat on a regular bike), and near to me (as opposed to a trailer). Mastering the center steered bike might not be everybody's "cup of tea", but I assure you that I am completely confident on this bike. I present this video also as an inspiration that a fast&lightweight cargo recumbent product is missing. Me and my son have had so much out of this bike. ... and because I'm asked a lot: max speed on this bike has been 60kmh for the road going into Town... The bike is center steered (the bottom bracket is moves with steer) and is front wheel driven, making for a short chain. The wheels are 20", and the fat tires (406-50) diminish the need for suspension. More pictures can be found at Other python projects at

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Published at: ۱۰ years ago