Street Art That Is At Another Level ▶8

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TODAY IS FANTASTIC, FULL OF INTRIGUING IDEAS IN AN EPISODE DEDICATED TO THE WORLD OF STREET ART. WHEN WE THINK OF STREET ART WE THINK OF NAMES LIKE “BANKSY”, A PERSON WHO CHANGED ART RELATED MESSAGES IN THE STREET FOREVER. ART IS POWERFUL AND OUTSIDE IS THE BEST PLACE TO ATTRACT PEOPLES ATTENTION. GET INSPIRED, GET INVOLVED. DON’T BE SHY TO CREATE YOUR OWN STREET ART. Check Out These Amazing Artists: 张小元 Douyin ID: ZXY698 Kuaishou ID: ZXY08835 HULA (SEAN YORO) Instagram: Web: Facebook: ABSTRACT DISSENT Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Facebook: Shop: 喵不可言 Douyin ID: miaobky ZACH Web: JORDANE SAGET Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: 龙仔绘画 Douyin ID: Wen0759 Kuaishou ID: Wen19971111 WD (AKA WILD DRAWING) Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: 斗魂•喷漆画 Douyin ID: s2014115 Wechat: LLL2014120 PEJAC Instagram: Facebook: ODEITH Instagram: Facebook: SEMI.OK Instagram: JPS_ARTIST Instagram: KITT Instagram: FALKO FANTASTIC Instagram: VILE Instagram: Web: Facebook: NIKITA GOLUBEV Instagram: Web: SOKLAK Instagram: Youtube: Web: Shop: LE MEC BLASÉ Instagram: 迦持涂鸦 Douyin ID: LN91181 Wechat: 17640098109 EFIXWORLD Instagram: MEGX.ONE Instagram: NOS_ARCHITECTURE Instagram: IMPERMANENT ART Instagram: MARCO ERAS HOLZINGER Instagram: Youtube: Web: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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