Detroit Become Human - 0% OF PLAYERS Got This Ending + Save Hank VS Chase Deviant (Nest All Endings)

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Detroit Become Human All Endings for the Nest Chapter. You can choose to Save Hank or Chase the Deviant in the chase scene with Rupert and Connor in Detroit Become Human. But there is also a hidden / secret ending that 0% of players have gotten as of the upload of this video. Canada Border with Kara All Sacrifices ► Detroit Become Human Easter Egg : The User Survey ► Detroit Become Human Livestream Part 1 ► Detroit Become Human Livestream Part 2 ► SPONSOR SwingPoynt Directly via YouTube and Get Recognition in Videos and Comments ► Subscribe here! ► DAILY Livestreams ► Twitter ► Patreon ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Fan Art ► Twitter is the best way to reach me outside of youtube :)

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