Sony a7rIV first look & introduction | Sony Alpha a7r IV Hands on Live

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Sony a7rIV first look & introduction | Sony Alpha a7rIV Camera During a live presentation in New York City this morning, Sony revealed its latest full-frame mirrorless camera, breaking new ground in this ever-more crowded market with the Sony a7R IV: the world’s first 61MP full-frame camera, with a burst speed of up to 10fps, and a reported 15 stops of dynamic range. Sony claims that the a7R IV sets “new standards” in image quality and operability. The BSI CMOS image sensor inside is brand new, making it the first true sensor update for Sony alpha cameras since 2015, and allowing Sony to reach a reported 15 stops of dynamic range on this chip. And, just case 61MP isn’t enough, you can use an evolution of the Sony’s built-in sensor-shift multi-shot mode to create 240MPimage files from 16 separate pixel-shifted images containing a total of 963.2 million pixels of data. Even when you crop down to APS-C mode, you can still capture 26MP of resolution, making it the “highest resolution APS-C capture today,” according to Sony. The autofocus system provides 567 phase-detection AF points covering 74% of the image area in full-frame mode. In APS-C mode, 325 of those points cover almost the entire APS-C area, providing more than 100% AF coverage vertically and nearly 100% coverage horizontally. And the same time Real-Time Tracking AF, Real-Time Eye AF and Animal Eye-AF found in the a9 is being included in the a7r IV, ensuring extreme accuracy if Sony’s previous cameras are anything to judge by. Finally, if you thought 61MP would slow this camera way down, you’re wrong. The Sony a7R IV is able to shoot a reported 10fps with continues AF/AE tracking for up to 68 images at full resolution. Sponsorship & Business Enquiries Email id : Follow me: Instagram:http://Instagram/mrnavkhan facebook: Twitter:http://twitter/mrnavkhan Youtube Subscribe:

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