[10k Special] What is Flashpoint? - Play lost games again!

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READ THE DESCRIPTION! Wow, 10k subs, never actually thought I would make it this far (yeah, it's far for me lol)... This channel is like, very old, from '08, and as life went on, I stopped uploading stuff, but always wondered what would happen if I ever uploaded something again (cause 5k subs at least for me was a lot) I know my comeback video is not that great, I made it mainly for fun and curiosity, but I tried to improve as I uploaded new stuff, and well, here we are (tho I still hate Youtube marking my content as made for kids, I'll find a solution for that) So, as promised, for the 10k special, I'm explaining where you can find Ben 10 Battle Ready (this one goes for you, random citizen) and actually a ridiculously huge amount of other old games. Since I imagine most of you are not into watching gameplays but actually playing them, this might be interesting. Flashpoint link: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/downloads/ And nothing (getting kinda emotional here), thanks to the people who actually follow my content, and comment, and everything! Also I wanted to ask you guys what other stuff (besides Ben 10) would you like me to upload

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