Ultron Wants to Eat Iron Man (Part 5) || Avengers Assemble S-2 Ep-21 in Hindi Full HD

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Avengers Assemble Season 2 Episode 21 "Spectrum" Full Episode in Hindi Ant-Man begins to atone by bringing his former allies to justice where he starts with reclaiming his technology from Whirlwind. His quest for redemption leads him and the team to an epic battle with Doctor Spectrum (who was one of the people Ant-Man sold his technology to) as he is assisted in battle by Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. During the battle, Spectrum uses his powers to manifest nightmarish versions of Ultron, Loki and Winter Soldier to attack Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Meanwhile, the others enter Hyperion's sunken citadel to see what the Squadron Supreme are planning and they learn a shocking secret about Doctor Spectrum's Power Prism: the Prism happens to be not only a power source and weapon, but also a living entity with full control over its host... plus, the true Doctor Spectrum. Thanks For Watching WEI Videos For More Updates Subscribe My Channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Youtube: ````````````` https://www.youtube.com/mrashu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website: ```````````` https://www.worldentertainmentindia.co.in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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