The MASSIVE Problem with Clone Pilots nobody talked about

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Stay woke. Pilots were actually in a much tougher position than their ground based brothers. History Channel 📚: Support me on Patreon🎭: Current Patrons❤️: The Senate ($50.00+) Cully13, TheVideoGame Junkie ARC Trooper ($15.01+) Alek Ladue Lieutenant ($9.11+) Blake Fleay, Logan Dekilder, Tristan Hart Trooper ($7.77+) Collin long , Glaturn, Liam Richardson, Paolo Caday Cadet ($3.27+) Cesar E. Lopez, Emily-Jane Join My Discord to Talk To Me💻: ✮ Follow Me On Instagram📸: ✮ Game with us🎮: ✮Clone Wars RP ✮Imperial Roleplay ✮Halo Roleplay ✮Roblox ✮Steam Group

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