Improvised Disney Movie Moments That Changed Everything

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These Actors Went Way Off Script... Subscribe to our channel: Improvisation is a major part of acting. When you're putting on a show, especially one with the budget and scale of a Disney movie, there are a lot of people involved. Someone is going to mess up at some point. Maybe they forget a line, or don't enter when they're supposed to, or maybe an intern forgot to print a page of the script. When something like happens, the actors have to make it up as they go. Sometimes, these sudden moments of winging it actually create better material than is in the script. One of the most famous examples is Robin Williams, who was known for busting out into bits and impressions and just generally playing around. His tangents often proved so hilarious that they were added in to the actual movie. The Disney animated movies we all know and love have a lot of moments like these, where the actors went above and beyond to make up comedic gold on the spot.

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