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Watch Honda CB Hornet vs Suzuki Gixxer Comparison by BikeDekho. Know more about Honda CB Hornet at and Suzuki Gixxer at: Honda Hornet 160R vs Suzuki Gixxer comparison Now the Honda CB Hornet 160R is a stylish looking motorcycle but can it beat the benchmark in this segment? Let’s find out. Design and features: Honda have finally done away with their plane jane design and are giving the public what they want – a sport looking 160cc motorcycle. Suzuki figured this out last year when they launched the Gixxer and set a new benchmark for other motorcycles to look up to. Both motorcycles have a sporty muscular look with features galore. They both get digital instrument consoles but the Gixxer wins over the Hornet as it gets an engine kill switch and a gear indicator too. The Hornet sadly gets the same old commuter like switch gear. Engine and performance: The Hornet gets the same 162cc engine that you see on the Unicorn 160 but it’s now been re-tuned and puts out 15.88 PS at 8,500rpm and 14.76 NM at 6,500rpm. While the Gixxer’s 155cc engine puts out 14.8 PS at 8,000 RPM and 14 Nm at 6,000 RPM. That’s just 1PS more than the GIxxer but the Gixxer has better low end grunt which is great for riding in the city. While the Gixxer feels stressed on the highways the Hornet produces great mid and top end grunt making long rides a breeze. Ride, Handling and Braking: The Hornet 160R and the Suzuki Gixxer both employ a diamond type frame and having ridden both the motorcycles back to back, the Gixxer definitely has an upper hand on the handling front. It’s the same case with suspension as well; both motorcycles have beefy telescopic front forks and a monoshock at the back. The suspension on the Gixxer though feels more suited for Indian roads. While tackling corners too, the Gixxer provides more feedback to the rider and feels more planted to the tarmac. Even though the Hornet gets a 100/80 -17 tyre in the front and the rear gets a massive 140/70 – 17, the tyres don’t offer much feedback and this is where Honda loses another point. On the braking front, the Hornet beats the Gixxer hands down. While the Hornet gets a petal disc brake in the front and at the rear, the Gixxer gets a disc brake only up front and a drum at the rear. Add Honda’s combi-brake system to the mix and you’ve got a motorcycle whose braking power is the best in this segment. The brakes on the Hornet are progressive and offer good feedback to the rider. Verdict: So as far as the looks go, both motorcycles look sporty and muscular. The Gixxer wins over the Hornet as far as features, performance and handling go. The Hornet fights back with slightly better braking performance and not to mention Honda’s wide spread after sales network. If you look at the price, the Gixxer comes for Rs.83,000 while the Hornet 160R with CBS comes with a premium price tag of Rs. 89.000 (both ex-showroom Mumbai). In our opinion the Suzuki Gixxer is a more value for money offering.

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