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The BEST German chocolate cake: This rich and tender German chocolate cake is slathered in a coconut pecan caramel frosting that’s beyond addictive and totally delicious! The cake itself has a light chocolate taste and is SO moist, and delicate that it nearly defies the laws of physics. You'll have to invite people over to help you eat it so you can't devour the whole thing! German chocolate cake is named after Samuel German, the inventor of a type of dark chocolate (not the country). It’s also one of my favorites! Once you make the icing, you’ll be adding it to cupcakes and ice cream in no time! I also love how there's no worrying about cake decorating one this one since it's meant to have a totally rustic look. I used light brown sugar for the frosting BUT and loved the caramel flavor it brought but you can use white sugar for that tradtional German chocolate frosting. Full Recipe: SUBSCRIBE ► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADD ME ON: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Website:

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