No-bake chocolate and coconut cake



This moist and flavorful chocolate coconut cake is simple to make and has a hint of coconut to enhance the rich chocolate flavor.   INGREDIENTS 100g cocoa cookies 20g butter 20g cocoa 2 tbsp milk 250g mascarpone 2 tbsp powdered sugar 100g coconut flakes   250 g mascarpone 1 tbsp hazelnut cream   50g cream 50g chocolate   METHOD Mix cookies crumbs with cocoa, butter and milk. Put the first layer of cake in the mold. Mix the mascarpone, powdered sugar and coconut flakes. Lay out the second layer. Mascarpone mixed with hazelnut cream and put the third layer. Cream mix with chocolate. Melt in the microwave. Cook ganache and pour in the fourth layer. Cool for 2 hours. --------------------------------------------------- About us: ‘Cookist’ offers you everyday fresh, fun and easy recipes. You can find the best quick and easy to make recipes, simple meal planning ideas and cooking techniques.   Subscribe to Cookist:   Enjoy with us:   Follow us: Facebook: Instagram:   For any content use please feel free to contact

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